Sound-absorbing panels VAGA

VAGA – sound-absorbing panels, which eliminate the need to choose between technical specifications, practicality and aesthetics.
VAGA sound-absorbing panels are a decorative and environmentally friendly product with felt core made from recycled plastic bottles found at sea. Later, MDF or plywood strips decorated with HPL are attached to this felt. Such aesthetic and technological solution allows to ensure the integrity of the decor, and the possibility to renew it if necessary.
These sound-absorbing panels are the ideal choice when both visual and acoustic solutions are required. VAGA acoustic panels are most often used for wall, ceiling and column decoration. The strips not only grant the interior a cosy rhythm, but also create an element of unexpected decorativeness, especially when VAGA GOLD or VAGA CUPPER decor is chosen. It is interesting to note that metallised decors are one of the most popular interior trends.
All panels in the IN PLENO PREKYBA collection are in stock in the warehouse, so the delivery time is particularly attractive.