Aluminium composite panels

The base of the aluminium composite panel is a honeycomb-shaped aluminium core. Thanks to the unique honeycomb shape and structure, aluminium composite panels are extremely resistant and lightweight compared to other similar types of materials, such as plywood, MDF or Compact HPL. In short, aluminium composite panels are a symbiosis of low density and lightness. This material fully complies with the requirements of the category of lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials applicable to technical solutions in aviation and marine engineering.

Aluminium composite panel solutions – for aviation and marine engineering only?

In construction and interior design, aluminium composite panel as a solution is often used for installation of ceilings and curtain walls in train stations, shopping malls and hotel halls. It is important to mention that aluminium composite panels allow to create a variety of aesthetic solutions. Aluminium composite panel can be used in two ways – as a structural element only or as a decorative design solution. Aluminium composite panel can be laminated with HPLs in the same way as conventional panels, such as PB (particle board), MDF and plywood. This duality of aluminium composite panels allows to meet not only the highest requirements for fire resistance, environmental resistance and durability, but also the most whimsical aesthetic solutions.

We provide HPL pressing on aluminium composite panels service