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With a clear understanding of the limitless application of HPL and Compact HPL, as well as quality ad aesthetic subtleties, we represent the most outstanding HPL (high pressure laminate) plants, such as: ABET LAMINATI, HOMAPAL and FORMICA. Not only static interiors are important to us, but also moving structures, so we can offer our customers Aluminium Composite Panels LARCORE . Without them, no single cruise ship, airplane, train, offshore platform or interior solution that meets the highest fire standards can be imagined. Moreover, we care about the sound sustainability of the spaces, thus our portfolio contains sound-absorbing panels VAGA , the felt of which is made from recycled plastic bottles found at sea.

IN PLENO PREKYBA – a value-added distributor. We supply furniture materials, provide consultations on their choices and offer component production services.


WHY IN PLENO PREKYBA? Because we represent only the highest quality manufacturers, whose wide range of products creates unlimited choices, and when the project includes requirements such as IMO, Bs1, FCS are a standard starting point for us.

HPL. High pressure laminate

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is an indispensable choice when you need a wide range of choices, scratch resistance, easy maintenance and implementation of custom projects in creating cabinet furniture.

Cabinet furniture with HPL always means freedom of individual choices and at the same time ensuring accurate repetition when needed. HPL, Compact HPL panels for furniture are especially useful in cases where it is important for online stores, restaurants or hotels to maintain aesthetic integrity and ensure that the production of furniture and results of its work in case of the need for their renewal will preserve the original idea of the brand, and the aesthetics of the location, for example, in Vilnius – will be the same as anywhere in the world.

HPL for business solutions only?

By no means. The kitchen, which has become practically the central space of the house, has long carried the mission to meet more than just functional needs. The aesthetic solution of this space usually becomes the starting point from which the whole project of a private space (house or apartment) is outlined. Therefore, HPL features such as pallet width and wear resistance make it an indispensable choice when planning home furniture and cabinet furniture. The production of furniture with HPL, by its aesthetic solutions, usually fulfils both the most functional and the most sophisticated interior solutions.


COMPACT HPL. Compact HPL panel

COMPACT HPL is a high-strength panel that is most commonly used for countertops, toilet partitions and cabinet doors in areas with the highest resistance requirements for both scratch hardness and fire resistance. COMPACT HPL is an easy-to-use panel that only needs to be cut to your chosen dimensions and sanded at the edges to produce a ready-to-use surface. This is one of the reasons why Compact HPL is a popular choice for furniture manufacturers when a solid material, a great aesthetic choice and a simple manufacturing solution are required. Furthermore, Compact HPL is a moisture-resistant material, which is why it is a particularly common and practically ideal solution for kitchen countertops.

Did you know that the patterns you see on HPL palettes can be COMPACT HPL with virtually no exceptions?

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