IN PLENO PREKYBA: Tell me what you are made of, and I will tell you if you will be successful.

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Founded in 2005, IN PLENO PREKYBA was one of the first to offer high pressure laminates (HPL) (link to the High Pressure Laminate page) as independent products for the Lithuanian market. With a clear understanding of the limitless use of high-pressure laminates, qualitative and design subtleties, IN PLENO PREKYBA chooses the most outstanding and prominent manufacturers of high-pressure laminates. First ABET LAMINATI, then – HOMAPAL and finally – FORMICA.


Many years of experience in choosing the best interior solutions for static interiors have inspired to take impeccable care of moving instructions as well. Aluminium composite panels LARCORE – IN PLENO PREKYBA product without which no cruise ship, airplane, train, offshore platform or interior solution with the highest fire safety requirements can be imagined.

Impeccable interior is one that has eloquent aesthetic solutions but subtly absorbs unwanted sounds. IN PLENO PREKYBA cares not only for the long-term aesthetic solutions for spaces, but also for their sound sustainability. It is because of this complete interior design feature that it is included in the product basket – sound-absorbing panels VAGA . It is a known fact that the felt of these panels is made from recycled plastic bottles found at sea.

IN PLENO PREKYBA is a company whose first priority is creating added value. We are not only a supplier of furniture materials and provide advice on their choices, but also provide component production services. Representing only the highest quality manufacturers and providing consumers with a really wide range of products, we create unlimited choices while meeting extremely high standards. Requirements like IMO, Bs1 and FCS are a normal standard starting point for us.