High pressure laminate

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) – high pressure laminate is a material without which the production of durable and expressive furniture is simply unimaginable. It is a thin sheet 0.7-1.3 millimetres thick featuring special resistance properties, thanks to which your interior solutions, design and colours become limitless.

Manufacture of furniture, panels for furniture and high pressure laminate? It is known that HPL is not enough to build furniture. It is necessary to choose the working structural material on which the HPL will be pressed and the resulting panel will become one of the structural elements of furniture. High-pressure laminate can be pressed on all working materials without exception, such as PB (particle board), plywood, or MDF (medium-density fibreboard). In short, HPL cannot be left alone, it needs companionship. This companionship usually takes the following form: HPL + Working Material + HPL / Compensatory HPL.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Resistant to the negative effects of light
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Suitable for direct contact with food

HPL and Compact HPL manufacturing principle

Both HPL and Compact HPL are produced according to a uniform principle: by layering working paper, which is fused with binding materials such as melamine and resins. Since the working paper is of a colour of a cardboard, decorative paper or metal rolled foil is placed as the top the decorative layer (in the case of metallised HPL or metallised Compact HPL). This layering is finally completed with melamine, which performs a dual function – granting HPL and Compact HPL exceptional resistance to scratches, cuts or other environmental impacts, and creating a surface texture. The only difference between the two materials is that in the case of HPL, there are fewer layers of working paper and this material is thinner. This is why Compact HPL is often called a “thick” HPL or Compact panel.

Manufacture of furniture, panels for furniture, wall decoration. Why choose HPL instead of LPB (laminated particle board)? (H2) (H2)
First of all, LPB (laminated particle board) does not have the same resistance to scratching and wear. Therefore, high pressure laminate (HPL) is the ideal choice when longevity and sustainability are a priority. Furthermore, HPL palettes are always wider, offering a larger variety of choices. By choosing from HPL options, you have the ability to create an interior solution from more than 18,000 different positions, while LPB palettes are much more limited.


High pressure laminate or veneer?

The veneer is quite a low-maintenance material, although it allows to create truly impressive projects. However, in many cases, the aesthetic element alone is not decisive in choosing the material from which the furniture or wall decoration will be made. The wood decor palettes of the manufacturers we represent are subtle and perfectly replicate not only the most popular veneer choices, but also offer unexpectedly decorative solutions. Therefore, when choosing a wood decor HPL, you win in two ways: you get a subtle, almost perfectly replicating veneer wood decor, but it is low-maintenance. The scratch-resistant and long-lasting choice of HPL wood decor is the perfect solution for wardrobes, bedroom furniture, hotel, restaurant and office furniture when you want to create a warm and natural interior.

High pressure laminate or metal?

Metal and metal decorations always add elegance, spice and decorativeness to the interior. However, full metal details often bring up the project estimate rocket high, while for a furniture manufacturer deciding how to properly incorporate such materials into furniture often become a considerable puzzle. Meanwhile, metallised HPL, which is produced on the basis of metal rolled foils, meets all the criteria: elegance, easy production and easy maintenance. Moreover, the width of the metallised HPL product range we can offer our customers together with HOMAPAL leaves no one indifferent. HOMAPAL – German industrial design magicians who continue to marvel at economic thought and environmental leadership and technological solutions. By virtually combining technology and aesthetics, HOMAPAL offers an extremely wide selection of metallised HPL.